Competition demands performance
Not only did the riggers fit perfectly, but I won the race!" - Joel L. // Capital Sprints
Picture courtesy of Ottawa New Edinburgh Club.

Levator RACER Series - What it is......
Are you aspiring to be the next Olympian? Or are you striving to be a contender in a race closer to home. Possibly, you are the person who is ready to venture into owning their 1st single racing shell. Everyone sets their own level of personal achievement. And we all learn to love the experience of rowing a great boat.

How to build a great boat? There really is no magic to it. All that is required is the same hard work and dedication a champion sculler uses to become one. In equal measure, add in excessive amounts of enthusiasm and inspiration.

Design Integrity
An evolution of advancements in materials, design and expertise in human kinetics converge with hands-on, common sense boat-building principles. The Racer Series maximises the strength and rowability of the Original Kaschper Vak-Shell hull in 100% composite form. A true monocoque construction bonding a continuous one piece deck to a high impact laminate hull creates the foundation for success. Hardware included!

Sleek but Not Fragile
Beyond stability, comfort and speed, the RACER Series boasts undisputed durability and longevity. The finish line is not meters away — it is months away. And day-in, day-out on the water means each Racer is built to last a lifetime. This assurance is reinforced with a 7 year transferable guarantee.

While it is possible for a mass produced product to deliver results, at Levator Personalization means more than choosing your favorite colors and submitting an order form. Each Racer is made for You to experience your Personal best. Personalization defined, is more than building a boat to specifications. It is engaging a unique relationship for mutual satisfaction through consultation between Craftsman and Sculler.

The Goal
Maximum performance, every row, every race.

Realizing perfect unity between sculler, boat and water .... Therein lies the MAGIC.

Jürgen... 2 for 2! Levator RULES!
Joel L. // Occuquan Sprints
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Yesterday morning, after rowing the Personal Racer I’ve had for 12 seasons, I resolved to send you a note saying just how much I appreciate that shell. I just wanted to tell you, again, that this is a really great boat, it is as solid and responsive as the first day I rowed it. It is a better boat than I probably merit as a rower but I am still trying, with every row, to deserve it.

Submitted by: Bill B.

Every detail of the boat is well resolved—a hull design that seems to balance speed and setup; foot stretchers for a snug feel at the catch and drive; and a seat designed to ease fatigue at that sensitive spot on a long row. The boat handles so well, in fact, that it may be possible for me to realize my dream of getting good enough to row in veterans’ regattas one day.

Submitted by: Al McCoy


Great Boats ~~ Unbeatable Value
All models molded exclusively with Derakane® Vinylester Resin cold cured ~ high strength toughness ~ thermal stability to 300F
  • The essential single
  • Light, durable
  • Fast, stable
  • Value-priced - fully upgradable
  • H2Row standard shoe
  • 7 year transferable guarantee
$5,580 USD

Full Specs


  • Best in series
  • Responsive 6K high-modulus carbon construction
  • Performance foot stretcher with height and angle adjustment* - Dreher Carbon seat
  • Premium, high strength rigging w/Titanium pins for total refinement
  • *H2Row elite shoe standard or Bproject upgrade available
$6,780 USD

Full Specs


  • TOP VALUE without compomise
  • Solid Kevlar/carbon-fiber construction
  • Adjustable rigging for variable rowers
  • H2Row Standard shoe
  • The perfect club racing single for light or heavyweights
$6,080 USD

Full Specs


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BUILT IN CANADA with the best sourced MADE IN AMERICA Composites & Materials