Step In to a Step Up

A lifetime of rowing experience, a Craftsman's commitment to excellence and application of next-generation materials and components all add up to the pinnacle of Levator design in execution.

Comprised of the Torque and the Light, Levator’s In-Step series gets its name from an award-winning innovation in hull design.

By lowering the centre of the seat deck to the keel, and dropping the

centre of gravity to enhance stability, In-Step shells reduce the amount of tuck required to get in and out of the shell. This alleviates knee strain. And while our priority is function (function being speed), practicality is never far behind: the In-Step design also makes room for storage, and has been praised for the additional comfort and stroke-drive it provides for taller rowers.

"I so enjoyed rowing the Blue Heron last year and can't wait to get back ou on the water with it soon. Everyone I let try it says how incredibly stable it is. What a wonderful boat!"
– Shari M - owner Levator Light
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Just a quick note. We couldn't make it out Wednesday but we finally had a christening ceremony this morning while it was still foggy. Rowers from the other club, right next to ours, celebrated with us and by the end the fog finally lifted enough so it was safe to row.

I just love the in-step. Wow. So easy to get in (my 68 y/o body thanks you). I guessed correctly on the foot stretcher placement. Everything felt like it was custom made specifically for me. No adjustments needed. It fit like a glove. I did drop the shoe placement, on Wednesday, to the lowest hole and that worked great. At very low speeds (just getting moving) you were right, it is a bit wobbly, but once I got moving WOW, it felt so stable and in control. It rowed straight as an arrow. I'm so impressed.

Overall, WOW. Thank you for everything.

Submitted by: Gary
  • World Class Flyweight Racer fast/rugged/stable
  • Performance designed for scullers 80-120lbs / 4'8"-5'7" tall
  • Parents/Clubs; 1st choice for tomorrows champions! The optimal fit for petit women
$6,080 USD

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  • Elite Racer - slippery low resistance hull - fastest boat
  • Freedom at the catch - blades up stability for a clean stroke
  • In-step guarantees; easy lift - easy launch
  • 3 levels of excellence - 3 weight classes
Starting $8,280 USD

Full Specs


Great Boats ~~ Unbeatable Value
All models molded exclusively with Derakane® Vinyulester Resin cold cured ~ high strength toughness ~ thermal stability to 300ºF
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BUILT IN CANADA with the best sourced MADE IN AMERICA Composites & Materials