Nothing Less than Complete Synthesis

Speed is counted in seconds....
          Endurance is measured in years.

Whether you are splitting the morning mist or crossing the finish line... Down on the water is where you want to be... It’s Personal

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I have been building racing shells for 41 years. Getting to know the people who row the boats I build is a very rewarding aspect of this vocation. Seeing my shells perform successfully on the water gives me the greatest sense of well being.... Under the Levator brand I have created choice, which departs from the usual ABC production products offered by the competition. Many influences, past and present builders, designers, artists, factor in creating each of the models. Racing or rowing for life, ultimately it is all about flow – energy given and received.

Advancing technology has brought many innovations and refinements on how boats are made. To coincide, in the last generation rowing has grown from a racer’s only club into a varied panorama of events and activities. The sport now encompasses many forms of recreation. From time honored competition, to disabled events, to solitary devotees realizing the unique experience of becoming at one with the water striving perfection. For all of us who row it is a passionate experience.... Exceedingly so for the builder!

Following tradition my preference is to work directly with my customers. Your time on the water is precious, so it is important to invest some time choosing the best boat for your rowing perfection. The Personalization process begins with good communication.

Visit the shop – let’s meet at a regatta – go for a test row - talk

Visit our newly inaugurated Center of Excellence!  Your guide is Gordon Smith sculling enthusiast and America’s host provider of Levator shells. Now you can feel what it is like to row a Levator 12 months of the year, in a prime location situated on a beautiful protected cove minutes away from Charlotte, NC. Fly in or drive in to discover your favorite model. This dedicated facility includes comfortable overnight accommodations for travellers. Take as much time as you need to choose your boat from our showcase. To book an appointment contact Gordon at 704-661-3393, or email

New to the sport? Don’t be intimidated by rigging and rowing jargon. I encourage you to study the Basics section. And it’s never too late to start! After the 1st strokes you are on your way. It only gets better!

Jürgen Kaschper 2014


From me to you, nothing less than complete synthesis

“10 years ago today I picked up the Racer at the Essex Yacht Club in CT. Hard to believe. Over the years I've collected a few shells, but it remains my favorite and I row it daily. Thanks again for your fine workmanship; I can't think of any other inanimate object which has brought me so much continued pleasure.” —Aloha, Bruce

“I invite you to call and talk about your personalized single” — Jürgen Kaschper (1-519-268-7773)

It starts with a good base

Etês-vous prêt à commander?
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Please familiarize yourself with the online order form.
If the colours are not visible in the drop menus – browser issues may be the reason
Full colour screenshots can be emailed. A 30% deposit via personal cheque or wire
transfer will secure your order.

Commercial Transport – Brian Kurtz Trucking Ltd. provides safe to the door delivery.  
Loaded boats ship point to point without transfer once the truck leaves the depot.
Air ride trailer / low risk top freight service.

Ask about Jürgen’s value added shop to the dock personal transport service.

US customers - Final price includes brokerage/docs - All equipment enters the USA duty free.

Service is only a phone call away – Anytime 519-268-7773

**Main photo courtesy of Times Argus – in Barre VT.


Accessories and Affiliations

From roof racks for transportation to ingeniously designed performance augmentations, Levator Boatworks can connect you to a catalogue of preferred partners that complement your ideal rowing single with ideal accessories and services.

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